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Our Firm

Thompson Crosby was established in 2015, as an investment banking advisory. The group held presence in United Kingdom,United Arab Emirates,Switzerland, Turkey,Malta,Mauritus and Northern Macedonia  with local and international partners. We have helped arranging financing for different purposes  extending from hospitality investments to leveraged buyouts, using multiple financing techniques. We have partnered with banks, asset managers and private investors in fund management,trading and brokerage services.

After 2021, we were obliged to restructure our companies and operations due to global challenges as well as internal necessities. As a result we have made exits  from certain regulated and unregulated businesses and focused on alternative investments.

Today we are  an alternative investment advisory platform, investing in and advising to both regulated and unregulated structures. Some of our vehicles are listed in different venues and some are private. We provide our insights and expertise to our partners and support their businesses by adding value to their business and social lives. 

We believe in hard work,dedication and competence.


We are an independent alternative investment advisory platform based in London, providing a range of corporate and social services.We develop alternative invesment vehicles based on creatve strategies using financial engineering methods.

With  global  connections  curated with experience and  proficiency  across  a  wide  spectrum  of  markets  including  fixed income, currencies,commodities,equities and funds we invest and assist our partners to invest using listed or unlisted structures.

Our  partnership comprising  a  multilingual and multicultural   team   represents  investors  globally. Our team provides embedded investor relations services to our partners, representing their best interests in business and social life.

We  support  the  work  of  a  number of civil society organizations  seeking  to  develop  social,academic  and  professional opportunities for young people. 

We only work with instituional investors as partners using approprite legal structures.

We offer a unique partnership level in the alternative investments  arena.


Real Teamwork

We believe that everyone wins together, and to create full alignment with our investors and partners, we invest alongside them in the structures that deploy capital in our investments.

Risk Based Value Creation

We look beyond industry classifications to locate assets that offer strong downside protection with potential to capitalize on growth in a global market.

True Partnership

Our global perspective, local presence, and adaptive structuring  capabilities enable us to deliver essential services to our partners.


We believe that integrity and the disciplined management of risk are main components of our work. We are aware that our decisions and actions affect our partners' and other people's lives every day. 

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Implementing innovative ways to deploy capital and expand business opportunities in support of the broad themes outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals define our ESG principles.


Contact Us

Thompson Crosby Investment Partners LLP  is a limited liability partnership registered in England & Wales under number OC445226. Its registered office  is at Suite 159, 28 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 3SS. A list of members is available at the registered office.

For further inquiries about our firm and partners you can reach us via post, phone or email.

Suite 159, 28 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 3SS

+44 203 960 1710