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Our Firm

Thompson Crosby & Co. is a boutique firm focused solely on providing consultancy for financial institutions. We describe our services as an "embedded adviser" to financial intermediaries and institutional investors. The firm advises on a wide range of issues, including corporate governance, transition planning, risk management, and financial structuring. As part of the global financial community,we recognise and understand the opportunities and specific requisites of our clients and we are committed to looking after their interests. We work together with experienced professionals that represent some of the best minds in their professions with expertise in the areas of asset management,investment advisory,commercial and investment banking. We admire work based on knowledge,competence and dedication.Serving our clients with the same focus is our whole purpose. 


Thompson Crosby has a simple and efficient model,focused on financial services operations.

Strategic Consultancy

Whether a financial company is considering restructuring, merging with another business or extending into a new line of business, we offer our services simply attaching ourselves into the executive and supervisory ranks of our clients. We bring in our global experience in similar situations to create a successful outcome. We work through all aspects of execution, adding value for the company, employess,shareholders and for the society.

Capital Markets

Our team provides innovative and accurate support on all aspects of raising capital or debt, including valuation, structuring, investor targeting, intermediary selection and execution. We use conventional instruments as well as alternative methods to help our clients reach their targets. Starting with objective assesment of each client’s unique profile, we work closely with them to identify optimal transaction alternatives. We leverage our deep understanding of banking and finance to assist our clients, choosing the appropriate method of capital raising and making rewarding tactical decisions.


Technology is changing everything around us, including itself with an unmatched pace. We believe that financial services industry has to evolve not only to keep up with the contemporary world, but also take upon itself a leading position in this quest. We provide industry insight, product development support, assistance on choosing solution partners and management services to fintech companies either they are start-ups or already functioning businesses with an aspiration to excel.


Thompson Crosby has a distinctive culture cultivated across diffrent firms and financial centers.


Our firm is built around sharing our knowledge with our clients. We are committed to provide an open-minded and sound judgement at all circumstances.


Our business is based on close alliances with our global partners and organic relations with our clients. This gives us an insider’s point of view in our undertakings, yet we are aware of the fact that our true strength lies in our independent structure.


Even when we reach at a target carefully set and above limits for all means, we thrive to go a little bit further. With our determination,experience and instinct we want to create a difference that is exceptional for our clients.


Please follow us for upcoming events, trends and news on financial sector and our company.

  • July 11,2018

    July 11,2018

    Thompson Crosby joins to the Family Office Club as a Charter Member.



  • July 01, 2017

    July 01, 2017

    Thompson Crosby becomes a partner in DualEdge Capital Management LLP



  • September 06,2018

    September 06,2018

    Thompson Crosby forms an alliance with  Dashwood Asset Management as Sep...


  • December 7,2016

    December 7,2016

    Thompson Crosby & Co. became part of respected Islamic finance community ...



Contact Us

For queries relating to our services and to get in touch with a senior member of the team for a preliminary analysis of your needs please contact:

11 Bruton Street London W1J 6PY

+44 203 960 17 10